Velvet Moments gives life that extra sparkle. One cheer and enjoy and realize that success are made out of a common passion for life with dogs in all situations. Team Velvet Dandy´s consist of a team of friends sharing that same passion. We would like to honour our team and puppy buyers by presenting photos of our Velvet Moments!

CH Pizzirico v. Tani Kazari " Rico"
BIR, BIG & BIS-3 SKK Malmö mars 2011

CH Velvet Dandy's Ben Nevis "Izor"
på Veteran of Veterans Grand Hotel 2010

CH Velvet Dandy's Upsy Daisy "Dilba"
Best bitch, BOS and WW-10 in Denmark june 2010

CH Velvet Dandy's Dot Com "Penny"
wins group 2 and is BIS-4 under Hans Lehtinen in Svenstavik aug 2008

BIS-1 Breedersgroup, judge Åke Cronander

SKK Tvååker july 2011

Judge Yelena Yerusalimsky picks out CH Velvet Dandy's Sigrid Storråda "Nexa" and CH Velvet Dandy's Diego Grillo "Ville" in very hard competition at the big show "Stora Stockholm" 2010! Ville BOS and Nexa BOB.

Multichampion Benamor de Verorich "Morris" at Veteran of Veterans at the Grand Hotel 2008 after being BIS-1 veteran at My Dog in Gothenburg 2008 at the same day the Cornelis Vreesvijk-litter is born! A true Velvet Moment!

BIS-1 Breedersgroup Svenstavik 2010

BIS-1 Breedersgroup SSPK Gävle 2011

BIS-1 Breedersgroup
Lovely members of team VD; Veronica, Annelie Townsend, Annelie Finnebäck and Johanna Pettersson

BIS-1 Breedersgrouop SSPK Svenstavik 2009
Here we are: Veronica, Maria Engström, Anna Magnusson and Maria

CH Underworld Velvet Dandy "Lucas"
He is top showdog in Norway 2011 (Norwegian Pinscherclub)!!! He got that assignment at the same day his first offspring was born! A true Velvet Moment indeed! Thanks to Grethe and Gunnar Bjorbekk who har honormembers in team Velvet Dandy and has successfully represented us in Norway. You are such lovely person whom we have met thanks to this common passion for schnauzer and affenpinscher.

Helen Poljak handles CH Velvet Dandy's Diabolito "Dito" and "Nexa" in brace at SKK in Högbo, BIS-4 was the result!

CH Velvet Dandy's Dipsy "Dandi" BIS-1 Danish schnauzer Pinscher Club in connection with WDS 2011

Canine Connection's Las Vegas "Lava"
BIS-1 SSPK Gävle 2011

BIS-1 breedersgroup 2009 with Veronica, Anna Magnusson, Johanna Pettersson and Maria Borg

BIS-2 Breedersgroup SKK Stockholm 2010
Some of the members of team VD handles the group to BIS-2 breedersgroup: Veronica, Johanna Pettersson, Anna Magnusson and Anna Grevin

BIS-1 from SSPK Högbo 2011 with a consistent and very even breedersgroup but the Team has all kind of different types... Veronica, Helen Poljak, Anna Magnusson and Maria! The picture is taken by Helens husband Dario Poljak, also a member of the team!

BIS-2 Breedersgroup SKK Högbo 2011
Here we are Veronica, Maria, Helene Poljak and Johanna Pettersson

Ricos first BIS-1!
SKK Svenstavik 2010 Judge: Moa Persson

CH Pizzirico v. Tani Kazari " Rico"
wins the group at SKK Norrköping 2010

BIS-2 Breedersgroup SKK Sundsvall oct 2011

We are enjoying the Champions of Champions and Veteran of Veterans 2008 and stays the night with "Morris" at Grand Hotell

BIS-1 Breedersgroup SKK Norrköping 2009.
We are handling the group ourselves Maria och I...there is full storm around us, both the chair and the flowers are laying down. And we are busy with the four dogs, just the two of us....

CH Pizzirico v. Tani Kazari " Rico" and Veronica happy after Best In Show at SKK Högbo 2010

Ch Velvet Dandy´s George Dickel "Gizmo"
BIS-2 SSPK Svenstavik 2007

Stefan Borg and Ann-Chatrin Vestman is the core of the team and they are owners of a fantastic veteran, ”Izor” CH Velvet Dandy´s Ben Nevis who won BIS veteran SKK Österbybruk 2009. Big thanks to the judge who was Tamas Jakkel!

BIS-1 SKK Högbo 2010
Big thanks to judge Åke Cronander who judged Rico to groupwinner and to Tapio Aerola who judged Rico to Best In Show!

CH Underworld Velvet Dandy "Lucas"
JWW-10 Denmark june 2010

Hans Peterson is handling his dog CH Velvet Dandy's Valentin ”Tintin” to Best of breed and Norwegian champion in Drammen 2010

CH Velvet Dandy's Ben Amore "Buster"
JWW-08 Stockholm july 2008

Two important members of the team; Johanna who owns three Velvet Dandy´s dogs and Emily who coowns ”Lillbabs”! Thanks to judge Åke Cronander!

Stahlkrieger´s Jasons Legacy "Jimi"
BIS-1 SSPK Sundsvall 2005

BOB and BOS at SKK Täby 2007-09-02 VD's George Dickel and VD's Dot Com. Judge: Paul Scanlon

Nexa and Buster BOB and BOS SKK Vänersborg 20090607 Buster handled by his owner Anna Magnusson team Velvet Dandy´s cornerstone. Judge: Anatoli Zhuk.

Nexa and Buster BOS and BOB SKK Norrköping
2009-06-05 judge: Soile Bister

Photo: Svetlana Ivaloueva
Dart BOB, Best In Group & Runner Up Best In Show at Helsinki-Winner 2012!
At the photo with Veronica & BIS-judge Tamas Jakkel.

BIS-1 Breeders group Schnauzerronden 2012

BOB Doris & Figo BOS Schnauzerronden 2012

Pärlan BIS-1 Junior Schnauzerronden 2012

Laura BOB Schnauzerronden 2012

Puppy of The Year 2013, Grand Hotel 2/3-2014
Velvet Dandy's Lovelace "Iza" was left to the very last round among the bitches and was only beaten by one bitch.

BPIS 1 My Dog
Velvet Dandy's Fiddlesticks

BIG-2 My Dog
CH Velvet Dandy's Cinnamon Bun

BIS-2 Breeders group My Dog

CH Velvet Dandy's Sigrid Storråda "Nexa" BIS-1 veteran SKK Int. Tvååker 8/7-2016

CH Velvet Dandy's Cinnamon Bun "Simon" BOB, BIG-4 SKK Int. Tvååker 8/7-2016

Velvet Dandy's Karius Best In Show-puppy SKK Borås 3/7-2016
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