Team Velvet Dandy

Successful breeding of Schnauzer p/s since 2001, Schnauzer black since 2003 and Affenpinscher since 2007.

The core of the team are Veronica Lange and Maria Borg who are the breeders and owners of kennel Velvet Dandy.

We believe in purebred dogs with love and passion, respecting the history and developing the breeds.

Mentality is a big part of a dogs everyday life so we put a great effort in MH describing and evaluate our dogs (Swedish Official Dog Mentality Description) . So far we have described 96 Velvet Dandy dogs.

We love competing in different sports with our dogs and we have a comprehensive and successful team with great achievements of our own bred dogs:

  • Swedish Kennelclub nr1 Showdog of the year all breeds 2013

  • 56 Velvet Dandy Swedish Champions

  • Swedish Kennelclub nr3 breeder of the year all breeds 2009

  • Swedish Kennelclub nr4 breeder of the year all breeds 2016

  • Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club nr1 Showdog of the Year 6 times

  • Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club nr1 Breeder of the Year 7 times

  • Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club nr1 Agility dog Large 6 times

  • Club Winner Czech IPO 2017

  • Affenpinscher of the Year in Finland 2017, 2018

  • 4 World Winners

  • Westminster BOS 2012

  • Multiple Swedish Winner titels

  • Multiple Finnish Winner titels

  • Multiple Norwegian Winner titels

  • Multiple Danish Winner titels

  • Multiple Nordic Winner titels

  • Multiple European Winner titels

  • Multiple International Beauty Champions

  • 7 AKC Champions

  • 15 Norwegian Champions

  • 15 Finnish Champions

  • 12 Danish Champions

  • 2 Latvian Champions

  • 1 Lithuanian Champions

  • 1 Estonian Champion

  • 1 Baltic Champion

  • 1 Spanish Champion

  • 1 British Champion

  • 1 Czech Champion

  • 2 Polish Champions

  • 1 South African Champion